This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about DVO Systems, or if you need support, please visit our support center.

What do you do ?

We enable organizations to start aligner business by providing consultancy and services.

Specifically, we provide treatment planning, custom branded online systems for doctors and labs, and data services required to generate 3D models ready for 3D printers. Our clients are responsible for 3d scanning, 3d printing, thermoforming, aligner finishing, and packaging/shipping.

Do you sell treatment planning software license ?


What equipment should we have to start aligner business ?

At a mininum you need to have a dental lab equipped with a 3D scanner and a 3D printer.

Can you recommend 3D scanners and 3D printers suitable for aligner business?

Yes! Please contact us for more details.

What thermoforming machines do you recommend ?

For thermoforming, you can use any model that can create retainers. We recommend Biostar models from Greatlakesortho

What aligner sheets do you recommend ?

We recommend aligner sheets of 1.0mm thickness from Zendura

In addition to the scanned digital models of dental arches, what other information or data do you require ?

We require doctor's prescription, patient's profile pictures and intraoral images and x-rays. These requirement vary from case to case.

What kind of orthodontics treatment is possible with your system ?

We are able to treat cases with the following features:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Cross-bite
  • Over-bite
  • Deep-bite
  • Open-bite
  • Extraction

What kind of virtual orthodontics experience do you have ?

We employ best virtual orthodontics experts in the world (with 6-10 years of relevant experience). The most experienced ones have completed more than 2,500 successful cases.

In addition to treatment planning and 3D printable models, what other services can we purchase from you ?

In addition to the treatment service we also provide web portals for your 3d lab to track cases and upload/download data. A doctor portal can also be provided where the doctors can submit cases and review the virtual setups as interactive 3D models, IPR information and other information about the case.

The online portals will be customized with your company's color scheme, logo, and name. You can see a demo of doctor portal from the following link: Smile Dental Demo

How will the doctor review a virtual setup ?

Doctor will be able to view/interact with the 3D virtual setup using doctor portal.

How is the communication between doctor and DVO done?

This is mostly done using the web portal where the doctor can comment and receive feedback.

Do you use attachments?

Yes, we have a set of specific attachments that we can use if the doctor requests.

Will you provide IPR information with the treatment plan ?

Yes, at the time of providing the virtual setup we also provide IPR information.

What if the doctor doesn't like the virtual setup ?

The doctor is supposed to communicate his/her requirements at the time of submitting the case through a comprehensive form that he/she will see on the doctor portal. If, for some reason, the case cannot be treated as specified by the doctor, our virtual orthodontic team makes notes that can be seen by the doctor. There can be a couple of iterations for this.

Similarly, when a doctor sees the results of virtual setup, the doctor can request a minor modification and we can do that without any extra charges.

If we do not treat the case as per the instructions, the doctor can request changes changes without any extra charges.

If the doctor changes his/her mind after the virtual setup was provided and then request changes, we will do that for extra charges.

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