Digital Virtual Orthodontics brings together some of the most experienced virtual CAD operators & some of the latest 3D technology to provide digital orthodontic treatments for you. If you have a scanner such as the 3Shape scanner & a 3D printer such as the Objet printer, we can provide complex treatments using the latest technology and operators with the best Orthodontics experience. All our operators were top virtual orthodontics operators at invisalign. We, in partnership with Ivy Digital Dental Systems (IDDS), provide you with complete digital treatment including web 3D, 3D pdfs, STL data files for printing your aligners, IPR data forms, Patient web system, Attachments and a complete sequence of treatments.

We can readily provide you the online systems, data processing, and virtual treatment for you to start your orthodontics business.


This is a sample implementation of digital web viewer by Ivy Digital Dental Systems (IDDS)

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